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Compassion Fatigue Training

Workplace Training

Prevent Compassion Fatigue, provides workplace training to help prevent absenteeism, high turnover rates, and stress.

Recognition & Prevention

For management, we can help you recognize the signs of compassion fatigue and intervene before it causes sickness, absenteeism, or people leaving the job. For individuals, we can help co-workers identify symptoms among their teams and take action.


Let us come in and provide the training you need for everyone at your facility, both management and staff. In the classroom setting, we can educate management in about two hours or staff in about one to one and a half hours.

Train the Trainer

In just a day and a half, we can train a representative of your organization to provide these services. This trainer will provide feedback to us, and we can help reinforce certain elements, answer more specific questions, and provide ongoing support.


We can also provide lectures and presentations or work with small groups at national meetings for medical staff, teachers, transportation providers, and others.

Contact us for details about compassion fatigue training for your group.